Temporary Tattoo?

If you’re an impulsive person who can’t stick to one thing and lately you’ve been wanting a tattoo, well here’s the solution for you. Rat A Tatt gives temporary tattoos that lasts up to 2 weeks. They look real and can be done in color too. They customize the tat to your liking and for two weeks you can try out what it’s like to have a tattoo. Sometimes people get tattoos that are trending and then next thing you know some years down the road that Tweety Bird tattoo isn’t so appealing to you when you’re 35 and dressed up for an elegant night out. Sometimes 2 weeks isn’t enough time to figure out if you want it to be permanent. But if anything, you can just have some fun without the permanent consequences, I hear laser removal is more painful than the actual tattoo. You can find more of their cool artwork on Instagram @ratatatted  or write to them at ratatattme@gmail.com #ratatatted • Instagram photos and videos


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